Citizen K

King of Second Thoughts

Here is an extract from an authentic conversation between two seasoned, highly professional psychotherapists, currently on the board of experts, manipulating Citizen K towards relative well-being:

  1. Shrink A: So, what's he really up to now, our poor Citizen?
  2. Shrink B: Well, the last time I checked him, he was suffering from wild hallucinations.
  3. Shrink A: Oh, indeed?
  4. Shrink B: Yes, really bad this time. He kept repeating that he was the king of secondthoughts over and over.
  5. Shrink A: What second thoughts?
  6. Shrink B: I don't know, really. He just kept saying it. He actually sang it. Did you know he could sing?
  7. Shrink A: Never heard of. To me, it's a giant step forward that he even speaks.
  8. Shrink B: Oh, he sang beautifully this morning, but anyway, I decided to do something rather radical. I actually tried the eyepad on him.
  9. Shrink A: You did what!
  10. Shrink B: I plugged him into the eyepad. It's completely unharmful to the patient.
  11. Shrink A: Uh?
  12. Shrink B: I just knew the perfect moment would come and I think this was, actually. Two remarkable things happened.

At this point, Shrink A looked so sceptical and troubled that his friend nearly dropped the subject. Instead, he commanded him to just calm down and listen.

  1. Shrink B: Let me explain what happened. When I held the eyepad against Citizen's forehead, I noticed that he came around very quickly. Within seconds, he was clear and, at least seemingly fully recovered. He asked where his friends were. He mentioned Citizen A, Kim, Walka and this shady record label, Paraply Records, I think it was called.
  2. Shrink A: Unbelievable! That's really a giant step forward!
  3. Shrink B: Yes, but I still haven't told you what happened next.

Shrink A, who'd been so sceptical only seconds ago, was now so jazzed that he could hardly stand still. In sheer excitatement, he nearly knocked over a table filled with bottles, containing a variety of medical substances, but his friend came to his (and even more important, the medicine's) rescue.

  1. Shrink B: Careful!
  2. Shrink A: I'm sorry. Did he tell you anything more?
  3. Shrink B: No, not really. Only that he was dying to fulfill this album he's been dreaming up since 2009 or something, a double set this time! But I still haven't told you the most incredible part of this encounter.
  4. Shrink A: Tell me.
  5. Shrink B: You know, when I glanced at the eyepad, having held it still to Citizen's forehead for, well, perhaps twenty seconds, and there were three documents that hadn't been there before.
  6. Shrink A: Three documents!
  7. Shrink B: You heard right! Three new documents!
  8. Shrink A: So now, you can actually prove that this dream magnet really works!
  9. Shrink B: Yes, absolutely! I have the documents here in my laptop now. They sound like real studio recordings to me.
  10. Shrink A: Put them on! I still can't believe I'm actually the first outside person in the world to hear the actual sound of a dream!
  11. Shrink B: Oh, you just wait. You won't believe this.

Only seconds after this conversation, three brand-new Citizen K songs - "King Of Second Thoughts", "So This Is Life (I Didn't Know)" and "Something Truly Magic" - came roaring out of the speakers. The utterly ridiculous idea of even considering hacking into somebody's brain in order to find audible contents of one, or even many dreams, and then saving it all on a small gadget called "The Dream Magnet", or as Shrink B put it, "The Eyepad", obviously worked.

Would you like to hear the exact sound of Citizen K's dreams too? If so, just go and find the EP "King Of Second Thoughts". It consists of 3 exerpts from "Second Thoughts", a comprehensive double album due for release later this year. With some help from multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer Tobias Walka, musician and girlfriend Annika Larsen, singer Johanna Lillvik and drummer Kim Gunneriusson among others, Klas Qvist a.k.a. Citizen K obviously not only dreamed this up. Somewhere along the way, the dreams were stolen and copied.

In a matter of days, the above mentioned three songs can be bought and heard. Before your second thoughts tell you something else, tap right into the unique dream world of Citizen K. You won't regret it!