Citizen K

More Citizen K

Just a few months into 2010, there's a new product in the can, a 4-track EP called "More Citizen K". Though mainly a promotional treat (as all singles and EP's seem to be nowadays), you can actually download it. Starting off with "Badfinger", a track selected from K's recent album "Meet Citizen K", the other three tracks are new, or let's put it, newly recorded.

"Driftwood" was written by Justin Hayward and was first heard on The Moody Blues' comeback album of 1978, "Octave. "I've always wanted to record my own version of the song. It's a standout track on an otherwise mediocre album, I think", K says.

"City Of Dreams", a song written shortly after K's move away from Stockholm, eventually became one of the rockier tracks on "Carried Away". "But it wasn't how I first heard it when I wrote it", K says. "The version on the EP is more like it".

"Barbara", the last of the four tracks, is a sort of a Beach Boys' rarity, written by Dennis Wilson. "I have mixed feelings about doing covers. They're a lot fun to record, but hearing them? I'm not quite sure", K concludes. "Bit I just can't resist recording some of them now and then, especially if the song in question is a forgotten gem that deserves a lot more exposure".